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Kevin and all,
The speed is the most important thing to hold. Adjust rest intervals to the shortest possible. But just hold the speed. So it may mean that you have to do 50s on 2 or 1:30 to be able to hold back 1/2 100 pace. Just hold speed and let them stop when they can’t.

We do 5-6 “n x 50 on 2:00” per week 3 x stroke and 3 x free per week along with all the other protocol sets we do. It is a lot of very fast swimming ever day. We have great weeks and some weeks not so great. But over all they hold up very well and are able to swim very fast. We just had a dual meet this past weekend, had over 80% season best and that’s from college swimmers at all distances, not an easy thing to do.

The question of “dealing with it” is really addressed in you have to let them stop when they can no longer hold pace/speed. Yes, it can be very frustrating when they only make 2 of the 10 you offered. But that’s what they could do that day. You have to trust them that they are giving you the best they have for that day.

Your observation on “high lactate” is correct in the early stages/season. In the 4 to 6 range La will be in the 8-10 mmol/l. But as the numbers progress we saw in the 12-16 x 50 range 4-6 mmol/l. I tested this over 3 seasons and held true each season. This is the “shift” I’ve discussed in other parts of the forum. It’s how the body handles work. It changes the energy demands and I don’t care what Dr. Rushall says in the “Bulletins” something changes.

Food for thought,


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