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lefthanded swimmer

Thanks so much for the replies. I suspect the turn speed is a problem that is eating into the outcomes in a race based on your comments. We will work on feet to the rear and rotate faster! Poor turns are also probably the reason his 25 repeats at 100 pace also don’t match up too well with 50 repeats back end tempo with 1 min rest. He can usually only do only 4-6 50s at 29 high to low 30 with 1 minute rest. Other favorite fly sets we do is from Salo: 100 Pace 3 x 25 + 50; RI 20,20,30 sec. 3 x through; 2 min. between. We are probably 40% USRPT now.

100 fly race splits are pretty much 27/30. As stated above, he has no problem holding 13.3 for 15 or more with 17-20 sec RI.

Doc..if you see this. was that 12-16 50s with 1 minute rest or on the 2 min? Thanks for clarifying.