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Hello to the URPT World! Before I go forward, after reading through the forums I have to say that no matter how you feel about USRPT this is one of the most informative ones on the net. Thanks for those of you who have shared your experience and knowledge.

While I have used a traditional training program through the years, I have always done a fair amount of race pace swimming. That is why USRPT has sparked my interest. Being in the middle of a season at the moment I am obviously not going to switch modes mid season. However I have two questions to whom ever might have some thoughts or information.

First, every short season we have the challenge of welcoming back fully tapered boys form their HS season and then trying to decided weather to keep tapering or go back to work etc. This year I will have a little over a month between their return and the Speedo meet. In the middle of that will be a district championship meet. I am thinking about putting them on a strict USRPT program. The idea being they can stay sharp and fast while building back up slightly and by cancelling every set after failure I can make sure they are not over fatigued. At the end of the month I would probably do a light decrease in their volume just to make sure they are not fatigued.
Good Idea? Bad Idea? Any and all opinions are appreciated.

My other question is for those who have now had athletes using this system for several years. Do you find they flatten out or get board? With all the Capacity vs Utilization talk out there, are you concerned that their early years are not spent increasing “capacity”?

Thanks again for the great forum and any assistance anyone might be able to offer.