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Just throwing out a thought, I believe both have brought up a few great points, in all I think it’s about getting into the streamline quickly and working the underwater to maintain velocity. So let me tell you about two athletes of mine.

1st is a 5’3″ guy who goes :58.6 in the 100 Back and he holds on to the block, he gets about 2.5 to 3 feet off the water on his start and has a pretty decent underwater around 12m, using his start he can consistently go :13 lows.

2nd is a 6’3″ guy who goes :58.7 in the 100 Back and he starts from the wall, he doesn’t get out of the water anymore than 6″ and he doesn’t streamline much further than about 10 yards because his underwater is kind of weak, but can go :12.9 consistently.

Do what works for your athlete. Many younger swimmers see top athletes grabbing the blocks pulling themselves up and not understanding as soon as they let go of the block that gravity is pulling them to the water. Not everyone is ready, nor designed to have an awesome high flying backstroke start. We make all of our age-groupers start from the wall until they’re strong enough to pull off a block start.

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