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Guess what. I have “sprinters” that are sub 1:51 2IMers and never do repeat 2IMs. 1. They can’t hold pace for more than 2. So what’s the point? Just because a coach can make them do it? Now there’s a real good reason. 2. Guess what, their technical skill goes right out the window after number 3-4 and you have now turned a thoroughbred into a donkey! Congratulations! You’re a great coach. Don’t get me started on “aerobic base” BS as an excuse.

The guys I work with and this includes 2 that are under 1:47, plus the sub 1:51 guys. IM protocol. This is a “down and dirty” way to determine pace.
n x 25 on 1:00 fly, divide 2IM fly split in 1/2 and that’s pace
n x 50 on 1:30/2:00 back, use 2IM split that’s pace
n x 50 on 1:00 breast, use 2IM split that’s pace
n x 100 on 1:30/2:00, use 2IM split for free x 2 for pace.

These are their averages for the season to this point. We are 14 days out of conference meet.
n x 25 fly offered 538, made 303
n x 50 ba 2′ offered 215, made 187
n x 50 br 1′ offered 203, made 157
n x 100 2′ offered 133, made 83

This is the minimum I would expect a coach to know. How much has the athlete done this year? If as a coach you can’t answer this basic question. Then you really are doing a disservice to your athletes.

Just a hint the longer the repeat. The further away they get from race pace correlations (Dr. Rushall is correct in his observation of this). And yes, I have the data.

You have to “learn to the read the numbers” I know this is frustrating and it’s like trying to learn a different language. But you have to THINK! Training has TO line up with performance and performance has to line up with training.

If someone told you coaching was easy. They lied! You only coach one swimmer. Try 42, it’s like trying to herd cats!

food for thought

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