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They’re bored or you’re bored? You have to think outside the box a bit. USRPT is not some magical training system. It follows general training principles that have been known for a very long time. The uniqueness (shouldn’t be, but is) is letting them stop when they can no longer hold pace regardless of the distance. Which in just about any program on the planet, just doesn’t happen. I think that coaches are in the mind set of practice is from 4-6pm and I have to OCCUPY that 2 hour block of time. It’s not about what they need it’s about entertaining or filling that 2 hours.

When I became the Director of Performance the kids came up and asked “are we still going to have 400s on Wednesday and then the next week on Wednesday 200s?” They were bored! They knew what was coming everyday of the week. They had no idea of how their training relate to race performance. Well now they try and guess what’s coming and usually only get it right once every 10-12 days and now have a damn good idea of what it is they have to do in order to go faster. They see the correlation and they ain’t bored any more. By wanting to do 10 x 400, I interrupt that as they don’t want expectations. My distance kids do a 400 time trial which must be within 5% of LTB before it counts. From that TT I determine practice training pace which is usually .942 to .99 of TT time. As an example for SCY TT of 4:03.00, they would have to hold a NO SLOWER THAN SPEED of 4:17.96 on :30 rest so the interval would be 4:40 just for workout management. I will tell you right now. They will NEVER ask to do 10 x 400, NEVER! Note: the 400s have a very loose correlation to 1650/1500 pace.

What I concluded of all this?
1. Continuous USRPT make my swimmers too tired to perform well. 12 weeks are top, after that they begin to fall.
Look at your sequence of work. Both Vertically (daily) and horizontally (weekly). READ THE RECENT BULLETIN DR.RUSHALL POSTED.
2. Classic ‘oldschool’ high mileage low speed work is not needed at all.
You got that one right!
3. Need to find the ‘new stimulus’ after 8-12 weeks of USRPT. New goal times are not enough. USRPT is getting boring.
The “new stimulus” is the adjustment in speed. This is on going throughout the season not after 10-12 weeks. Once they make a “shift” it’s time to adjust speed. AGAIN READ THE RECENT BULLETIN DR.RUSHALL POSTED.

If going faster is boring then maybe the need to take up another sport. You have to standardize your work or otherwise how in the hell can you know where your athletes are at?

Some things to think about.

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