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Example: Take Tuesday. The primary stroke could be fly, ba or br for the 100 performance. They are going to work long to short with regards to repeat distance. That’s why I have 50s2 as first set and 25s1 as second set, we know they correlate to 100 performance. The secondary stroke is free working the 200, so “n x 50s on 1” or “n x 100s” would be the third set with the majority doing freestyle. But I do have kids that don’t swim freestyle and they may actual go another/different stroke.

You’re correct in that 3 exposures per week is I think the minimum. The kid that swims some free, a little breast and is a so-so IMer is a nightmare for planning training. I’ve really tried to get them to dial into to 2 strokes. It’s like trying to train a runner for the 100, 1500 and 10K. Can it be done, maybe but I feel it’s really a half A$$ effort and things become fragmented very fast.

Hope this helps

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