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Yes and interesting you quote Thomas Kurz as not many guys have read the book. I also believe Dr. Tudor Bompa discusses it in his book Theory and Methodology of Training as CNS inhibition.

Development of maximal speed. Thoughts on the problem.
1. Have you tried work at shorter distance with higher m/s? This is more a track thing. But should work with swimming. Its tedious work and probably with a small group.
2. Use tempo trainers set at 6-8 seconds (ATP-PC) and ask for all out maximum efforts?
3. Use tempo trainers with varying settings i.e. 1.00, 1.15, 1.20, 1.25 etc. To try and open CNS pathways? Make a scale and have them go up and down the “scale”.

Your thoughts on “adding gear” to try and address the “force production” issue is tricky at best. Form all the research I’ve read paddles are not the answer (most are too big, they can’t achieve race or above race speeds and issues with SR & SL). Tubing assisted and resisted has issues with load determination and SR & SL. Parachutes are in the same category. Again from all the research I’ve read any time you start tying stuff to swimmers bad thing happen within the stroke technique.

The only two positive things I’ve found are Power Racks (not towers) and a system developed by Toussaint and Truijens. The Power Rack study is to large to attach so you can find it at JSR 1993, use google scholar. Toussaint study attached (let me know what it cost :)) I’ve also attached (hopefully) an article written by a track coach on the pros and cons of assisted/resisted training in track. If you think of your shoulders as hips and hands as feet it does make you think.

One last idea. Cut-off tee-shirts. I’m using smalls for the guys with the sleeves cut off. Thought there is less technical issues. Still have load problem. We’ll do 3 HH fast, 3 smooth/form and repeat sequence. Hope that makes sense.

Just food for thought

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