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In your case I would consider the nx100 set as the main set. Can you hold 30x your pace for 1650? If so I would consider adding in nx150 to make it more challenging, or lower the pace 🙂

Then I would mix in:
– nx50 / nx75 on 400 pace: thats a faster pace, no harm in working speed.
– nx50 on 200 pace: again, no harm in going faster, even if it’s only 8×50 or so.
– nx200 on 1650 pace: if you have difficulties completing many of them, I would add 2-3×200 at the end of a shorter nx100 set. For example, instead of 30×100, you do 12-15×100 just to settle in the pace, then add in 2-3×200 and really try to make them.

I think nx50 for 1650 pace is too easy, but you can always mix it in when you’re having a difficult day. Say you usually make 20-25×100, but one day you immediately feel it’s difficult after 4-5. You can switch to 50’s so you have a “lighter” workout, but still maintain the specific pace.

One requirement I have for my (mid-)distance swimmers is to hold an even/negative split. I always tell them: the pace on your 2nd 50 of the 100 is what you will hold in a meet (or the second 25 in a 50, the last 50 in a 75, etc). So the back-end of the rep distance 50 HAS to be on pace, else you fail.

How many days/week do you swim?