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I have a boy sprinter like this. Firstly, are you attempting to do 50s at 100 pace? I find that impossible, especially for drop dead sprinters who tend to have much faster race paces. I also am confused why you are mixing distances during the same practice session for the same event no less. And is the free set a 100 Free set? I suggest you focus on the power of the stroke over the speed for awhile (assuming her tech is where it needs to be). Slow the pace down, WAY down for awhile. So she is holding 16s right now I am assuming. Maybe start at 18s and really, really focus on stroke rate and stroke count. Force her to go at least one less. Do so many of these sets, she is going to cry from holding herself back. She has do them until they are easy and she begs to go down to 17s. Should take around 4 sets so a week and a halfish. The stroke count is KEY. One less stroke. And it has to be relatively easy for them. Intervals will be increased for them (well more than 20 seconds rest probably) Then cut down to pace for the next four sets performed (she may not need four sets or she may need more). But that first fail should start getting well into the set. The main issue with the dd sprinters is getting 20 mins worth of work out of them. It seems to reset his muscles to take on a load longer. But this also may only work for my dd sprinter. And warning once you get them down to race pace: it does not last very long being able to do a set for 20 mins…I await Doc blowing this strategy to smithereens