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lefthanded swimmer

I have a pure sprinter with same problems. Doc has been very helpful with advice. Size/strength is an issue in my opinion. I’m curious if it might be the same for your sprinter. My guy is 6′, 175, 15 years old and not shaving/no adams apple so he hasn’t developed his overall strength yet. He also relies heavily on underwaters. This greatly impacts oxygen.

Things we do:
1. Make sure recovery between sets is long enough. Whenever they think they are ready, make them take more time. This seems to help.
2. Doc told us not to get to hung up on recovery time.
3. Make sure you aren’t doing fly back to back days. Also do these sets on a Monday after a rest day. My swimmer usually swims 3 or 4 days then a rest day. He can not do 5 days straight and be productive.
4. I’ve found that this set is better for my swimmer than straight 50s. 25 x 3 + 50. RI: 20, 20, 30; 2 min between; 3 x through. We change the RI around some. This set also is a good trainer to get up to doing n x50s. I know this isn’t a real USRPT set but you have to do what works.
4. Mix the number of dolphins. My swimmer often complains of “numb or dead arms” too.
5. Do a lot of vertical kicking!

Things that didn’t work:
1. Slowing down. It just didn’t work for us. I can even say start out cruising and he starts fast. There are kids that can crank out sets of 100+ of fly. It isn’t pretty and my son isn’t one of these kids.
2. Sticking to precise RIs.
3. Skipping fails. For us a fail isn’t a a slight drop. It’s falling off a cliff and looking like you are having a stroke. I can just about predict when one is coming. We have tried taking more time before total collapse through the first 2 “fails”. This gives us more quality volume usually. Kind of a prefail reset.

It’s frustrating but you aren’t alone! Good luck and please share any results.