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I also coached my daughter this season with this training. She HATES it. Well, she considers it “less than” what her peers are doing at her old club. She is embarrassed of our program and would LOVE to travel the 45 mins away to our old team. Going into summer training, she wants to know when the real training will start. Sigh.

I would love to know how to change this perception. She placed 6th at freaking state meet in 100 Fly and made States in the 100 Free. Her teammate 7th in Breast and made states in the 200 IM. Both relays made state meet. I mean we are a tiny program doing less than 3K a day seeing great results. We placed higher than other teams three times our size at Districts.

How do we sell swimmers and parents on this when we can’t even sell our own children? I was looking into sending my top swimmers to our old program this summer because I really would love to take a break (I do NOT get paid for coaching this team over the summer.) And speaking with the coach about my concerns with them being exposed to traditional training, he absolutely refused to believe my girl 1:04 Breaststroker and 56 Butter flier went less than 3K a day. Refused to believe it. And this coach is a young, talented coach, I would expect him to be open to NEW ideas. Of course, he has tried USRPT but it just didn’t work (after two weeks).

The good news: my child is the first to call BS on a set that has no specific goal or purpose or even a kicking set now 9 (this is someone who LOVED kicking sets)! So the ideas are getting through somehow. And it is the swimmer that has to 100% be on board with the training. And I think it is harder for our own children than other children who only see us in a coaching capacity. I keep telling her, just wait until you get a real coach, how much faster you will get!

Maybe go over that GAWD awful practice set by set with him and ask him what the purpose was? What event are they training for? How did they get faster that day? Where did they check in with their technique. From a coordination standpoint, what happens when you isolate your legs? YOu get the idea…. I don’t know. The frustration is real