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lefthanded swimmer

Thank you very much for your post and feeling my pain! You made some very good points. I will get him to evaluate the sets they did. On his own, he swam Saturday “experimenting” with some similar sets to the traditional junk. The sets were demoralizing (repeat 200IM). He died in on the 3rd 200 IM, swam slow, and commented that at least he knows why he was so bad in back before switching to race pace. He would just die on back on 200IM repeats doing traditional training and Saturday was no different. I think he will come around to doing race pace. You are correct about being 100% on board. It’s just hard for him to swim basically alone for the summer. It’s so hard to not think the traditional group is not the way to go during the long course season. I hope he will develop his underwaters which are his real “talents” or “opportunities” over the summer instead of mountains of long course yards. Your daughter is fast. I hope she sticks with what got her there. My son actually liked race pace training but felt like the “traditional” group got all the respect which is true. 3.5K would be our high yardage for race pace or similar type training and this would be an IM day. Thanks again!