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I know that there are plenty of swimmers out there that improved in the weight room but didn’t translate it into the pool. I understand that the movements aren’t the same and may not match the neuromuscular patterning of swimming. The more I think about it, the more it doesn’t make sense to me why improvements in the weight room don’t translate to faster swimming.

When kids hit puberty, they grow taller which helps swimming but they also get stronger. They can plateau in height but then start to fill out and keep gaining strength. They can neglect making technical changes and still drop time just from getting stronger.

Men are naturally stronger than women. They are also taller on average which is an advantage in swimming but if you look at women’s elite sprinters vs. men the same height or shorter, the men still have the advantage. Men on average have a higher vertical leap than women which helps the start and 15m time. Take the time from 15-50 meters or a 100 minus the start and turn, there are still loads of men that are shorter than elite females that are faster. It’s not like men always have better technique, some of them have worse technique and are still faster. If it’s not size and not technique, it seems that the limiting factor is strength. Wouldn’t it be?

If you take steroids and make 0 technical changes, you will probably still get faster from getting stronger.

I’m not really advocating either way for weight lifting. I just don’t understand why getting stronger won’t help. Why can’t you get stronger in the weight room, then form new neuromuscular patterns in the pool with those stronger muscles and become faster. And if weight lifting does improve swimming, why does it work for some but not others?