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Hallelujah! I have fought tooth and nail with the S&C Staff here. I’ve read and taken a number of the practice test on the “Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning” and having read “Fundamentals of Special Strength-Training in Sport”, “Weightlifting Technique and Training”, Supertraining” and “A System of Multi-Year Training in Weightlifting” and they look at me like I’m crazy. Starting next season I will have had 3 GA S&C coaches and most of their experiences coming from Cheer & Dance with little to no overhead athlete experience. Extremely frustrating!!!! Have they never heard of “Google Scholar” search?

Here! Here! on the Olympic lifts. I was at a conference many years ago of S&C coaches and Dr. Tudor Bompa was one of the keynote speakers. He said “if you are building your routines around Olympic lifts you might want to rethink that” I remember that close to 2/3 of the room got up and left. I could not believe it! One of the worlds foremost leading experts on lifting in sport and these guys get up and leave!

I was so fortunate to have developed a relationship with him. We had long discussions about WT in swimming and he would say “swimming gives S&C coaches fits because our feet don’t touch the ground. It’s kinda funny (not really)that over 15 years later we’re basically in the same place.

I apologize for the rambling. But this is about the only place that coaches really get into the “weeds” about swimming. I tried Slack and Ritter Sports Performance, the majority is anecdotally data and not worth the $29/month. The FB page “Swim Coaches Idea Exchange” waste of time. I could care less what you wear on deck or what awards you give at the banquet. of all at least the good DR. is honest with regards to what works or maybe questionable.

Sorry for getting on the “soap box”

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