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Tell your GAs, with respect to weight lifting for swimming, that you are certified above a CSCS. If they push back have them:
1. count the number of sentences referring to swimming in “Essentials” = 0
2. Name, from memory, the most important propulsion muscles in swimming. Not groups, specific muscles. Rushall lists these. Throw in the breaststroke kick to really nail them: gluteus medius and minimus, vastus medialis, tibialis anterior.
3. perform a swim stroke cycle. When they swing their straight arms like they are doing little kid calisthenics feel free to correct them.

You will find out who wants to learn and who thinks they know everything based on a baseline certification.

I coach water polo and this is doubly frustrating. “Do legs for eggbeater!” Eggbeater being as complex as a freestyle stroke and unable to provide propulsion on land.