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I look at a lot of track stuff also. An important concept in running is eccentric muscle damage/adaptation. This isn’t really a thing in swimming. I wonder if the 100, 200, 400 events differ enough (low eccentric damage, bolt almost glides over the track) from the 800+ that this is a major muscular inflection point. The longer the distance the more you are just pounding away at the muscles.

If there was no such stroke called “butterfly” I think more swim sprinters would do the 200. The 100 fly is a higher power stroke and kinda fits into the sprinter mentality. The 3-day champ meet format also has the 100 fly the same day as 200 free…

Phelps set the American 100 record in the leadoff of that epic 2008 4×100 free relay. So he held the 200 WR and 100 AR at one point. Lezak’s anchor was a bigger story though.