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while I’d agree that it would be possible to adjust the distance. Dealing with that in a pool wouldn’t be that simple. 1. Workout management and 2. Having the capability to configure pool as needed. I could see it working LC or in track. In fact this is what we do with our sprinters in LC that swim the 50. We break the pool into 5m increments. We determine the point in the pool they can no longer hold the velocity and that’s where we start with sets like n x 30m or 35m on 2:00 with 20m/15m recovery swim. Once they are capable of holding a certain number at 30m we’ll try 35m or 40m in a sense reestablishing a new maximum. Push the numbers out again.

The LOAD can be also be the number of REPS at VELOCITY. In general lifting circles, weight lifters will usually increase the LOAD after they can handle the weight for 15 REPTITIONS. In swimming LOAD=VELOCITY, why not just make the times faster? Therefore increasing the LOAD. Then the swimmers would start back trying to again accomplish 15 reps before adjusting the load.

I think the key is establishing the maximum number they need to do before making the adjustment. If you have some understanding of how the body handles work with regards to energy delivery you can get pretty close to that number. I’d say within 2-3 repetitions.

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