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lefthanded swimmer

As for weight lifting, there’s a lot of research on the body building side. They know what works for building mass without a doubt! I think a common sense approach is to NOT do anything like what the body builders are doing which my understanding is high reps until exhaustion. To build less mass you would not do any lifts to a “failed” state like in USRPT. Low reps fairly close to max. builds strength. Doesn’t it? Spacing out sets for longer recovery builds less mass too. That’s just my two cents. I enjoyed the prior discussion on weights. Thank you coaches. At 6′ 172, I don’t need ANY additional mass so I have a different goal or concern.

I do like the plyometric explosive work training ideas. Has anyone done much work with Roman Ropes? I would be curious about the results. I found these exercises intriguing.

Build Your Swimming Power and Endurance with the Roman Ropes Workout

As for changing the pool distance, that’s an interesting idea. We were on vacation and swam a 25M pool for a week. All it seem to do is mess up the finish (fly/breast especially) for a few days returning to the 25Y pool.