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Interesting, so you just split 50 goal time in half and start from there for training pace? e.i. Someone shooting for a 22.00 should be doing Nx25 @ 2:00 while holding 11.00? Do you have your swimmers duck under a second early and leave on the 0 or do you have them duck under on the 0? Sorry for the all the questions!

Any idea why some of the sets / events correlate better than others? Which events correlated the least? I’m curious as to why some correlate better than others.

Also, how often do you repeat sets throughout a week or month, and about how many of each 25,50,75 are most swimmers completing during one of the sets, not including the failed reps?

I read your post about prioritization of lifting and the similarities and differences of swimming. Do you think allowing more or less failure reps during different parts of the season will yield better performance? e.i. peak of season allow the swimmers to reach 5 failure reps then slowly “taper” down to only one failure per set right before a big meet. Just a thought.