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No problem. Drop on the 9 and push-off on 00. I’m not going to tell you every swimmer adheres to this. Sure some cheat. Maybe in their mind when they hear the time that they’re some how “killing” it. But the funny thing is it really doesn’t change their performance. “It all comes out in the wash” 🙂

For “n x 25 on 2:00” I split GS in half and that’s were they start. Correct and it’s not easy.

I think the reason for higher/lower correlations is numbers done at speed. We’ll see the majority of the kids that have made 60% of the number offered achieve better reliability of that speed. Makes sense. Also it will have to do with events they swim. While you maybe in the Mid-Dist. Group and doing 25s on 2:00, they may only swim a 50 maybe one time in a season and that might be on a relay.

I repeat protocol sets 3 to 4 times a week. Now they maybe be in a different order, one workout might be “n x 25 stk on 1:00” as the first set and then they would go into “n x 50 stk on 2:00” working front half 50 and then back half 50. The third set might be “n x 100 :15/:30 ri” working back half of 200 free. The next workout might be 50s on 2, then 100s and then 25s. The reason for moving them around is to give the kids an opportunity to improve their numbers made. Example: If 100s are always the last set there is some accumulation of fatigue from the first 2 sets and they never get a chance to really see what the can do. I have a 4 week cycle that I follow and it’s worked very well with the collegiate program.

Completion of numbers. I have built in to the spreadsheet based off the current group average what the number made should be. Is it perfect, hell no. But it does give the kids something to strive for other than just swimming back and forth and “hoping”. If I can get them to at least achieve the group average great!

Allowing more reps to failure. My gut tells me that you’d be closer to a traditional style of training and using volume instead of speed to some out even out the equation.

I really don’t have a “peak season”. Sure about 4-6 weeks out I would like to have the kids doing high numbers. But If I’ve been doing my job, I’ve been adjusting speeds all season long. I may have some at new speeds and can’t get to higher numbers done. That’s a whole other topic of when to adjust speeds.

I’ve attached a couple of files. 1. Mid-Dist. Group data from 15-16 and 16-17. 2. Is thoughts of Traditional Model vs. Endurance thru Speed.

Just food for thought

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