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Hey Kevin!
I’ll work backwards with your questions. Understanding the Parametric System. The Russians I learned from really don’t do much with it any more. The only place that has any information that’s current is the 3S System and Dr. Beliaev. Who I believe was a student of Dr Sergei Gordon in Russia. I’ll tell you right now in less you are willing to pay they ain’t sharing any information and I don’t blame them. I will go on their blog on occasion and see what the Dr. was written and because I know a little more background information I understand what he is talking about. The problem with the system is you have to be a record keeper or you can pay for 3S to keep the data. If you ask questions I will help you with what I know and have data for. If I don’t I’ll tell you.

Now on to the WORD doc. questions:
1. It’s pretty simple. Are you getting done what needs to be done or are you a babysitter? Because practice is from 4-6, and god forbid they get out early. What’s the objective of workout? Occupy 2 hours or get something done.

2. 4 x 25 (ATP-PC) and 20 x 25 (Zone III or MaxVO2) the same? Think about it. This is a speed that has a 0.979 correlation to first 50 of 100 and the swimmer can do 20 of them. Something has happened to how the body handles that effort. The swimmer moved from only being able to do 100 (4×25) to 500 (20×25) at first 50 of the 100 pace. “Endurance thru Speed”

3. 6 x 50 on 1:00 (Zone IV) to 16 x 50 on 1:00 (Zone III-II), again you are holding a speed that has a 0.966 correlation to 200 pace out to 800. “Endurance thru Speed”

4. 100s question 4 x 100 is roughly Zone III (500 pace) and you can now take that out to 1600-2000 (Zone IIish)total y/m. Again “Endurance thru Speed”.

Hope this helps

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