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I kinda wondered when you talked about Dr. Rushall’s USRPT (principles of physiology do hold true regardless) and then used sets like “n x 50 on 1:00”, that’s not USRPT. Some more background. I’m a practioner of the Parametric System. My mentors were Dr. Genadijus Sokolovas, I have his book that’s in Lithuanian and includes all the algorithms for using the system from why you do time trials to progression of numbers thru the cycle and Alex Nikitin, student of Dr. Sergei Gordon (developer of the Parametric System) and one of the smartest coaches I know. I’ve practiced this system for over 20 years and have keep data on training pace vs. race speeds for that length of time. Something the Russians didn’t even do. It has to correlate, training pace to race pace or you are wasting your time.

I’d like to see what Richardson presented about the system. You can send it to:

On to some of your thoughts. “n x 50 on 1:00” is really best suited for 200s either free or stroke. I’ve experimented with “n x 75 on 1:30” with sprinters that have to swim the 200 on the 800fr relay and it works very well. We also have some sprint kids that swim 200s of the stroke and they will hold better speed and skill/technique than doing 100s. SPRINTERS! the mind games you have to play 🙂

Not sure why you quit the “n x 50 on 2:00” You were on the right track with increasing speed reserve. I don’t care what distance you swim. Every swimmer needs speed. The Russians call it “the head and the tail” Just as an example I had a female swimmer go “16 x 50 on 2:00” this morning and she had a faster average and better standard deviation from a week ago when she went 14. 30.05/.55 to 29.94/.22.

“I can’t pinpoint” Paul Bergen once told me “if you change more than 10% of your program you have no clue what worked or didn’t work, seems you have the same problem. I’ve lived by that for 17+ years. I get it’s a slow process and the majority of coaches aren’t even going to come close to that. They go to a clinic and hear some “big” name coach present a couple of workouts and never mind that it’s one workout from September, one from December and then one from February, they go back and see if their kids can do them. No thought put into the sequence or why did they do it? And they want to be perceived as professionals? Sorry, got on my soap box there.

100s and altitude. We train at 1,200ft and we get an adjustment for going up. You didn’t get anything for going down 🙂 You have adapted to the O2 level at 4,500ft, so why are you adjusting the rest interval? 2:00 at 4,500ft and 2:00 at sea level. I think you are making this way to complicated.

I’ve attached a file about thoughts on speed for distance swimming from a track perspective.

Again, just somethings to think about.

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