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Thanks for the help! Currently typing up workouts and cycles to test out in the fall season. Here are the basic sets I’ve picked to test out in the fall. It’s funny how I used to do a bunch of these before USRPT even came about.

Nx25@2:00 – goal time in half

100s –
Nx25@2:00 – 1st 50 time in half
Nx25@1:00 – 2nd 50 time in half
Nx50@2:00 – 2nd 50 time

Nx50@2:00 – 1st 50 time
Nx25@0:30 – 2->8th 25 me
Nx50@1:00 – 2->4th 50 Time
Nx75@1:30 – End of race
Nx100@2:00 – End of race

Where can I find information on the Parametric System you spoke of?