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Thanks @ryanupper for the feedback. I agree completely on the elbow dropping. I’ve commented on that a lot last season, with little result I must say 🙁

W.r.t. the frontal view: what is your opinion about rotation and underwater hand placement w.r.t. to the middle of the body?
I find:
– both swimmers pull though with a high elbow (good)
– both swimmer’s hand is outside the zone between mid-body-line and shoulder, i.e. too far out => not enough power potential (not so good)
– not enough rotation, or to early?
– something wrong with catch?

To me, this, together with the non-vertical forearm are the major flaws.
I find it difficult to correct, it’s taken far too long of me telling and showing them with no improvement…

Maybe not so visible, but swimmer A also suffers from a very unsteady hand at entry. The entry is a bit in front of the head, then moves outwards before the catch.

Any other remarks or tips to correct these issues are welcome. Especially in combination with race pace training.

In comparison with their primary strokes these girls should be swimming at least 2–3s faster on a 100 free.