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Ya, shoulder rotation is pretty good but the hands immediately pull away from the body. Lots of little issues you’ve identified but the vertical forearm and the optimal pulling distance is what’s going to increase velocity the most. Of course, that is the most muscular demanding movement.

If they are primarily 100 swimmers have them swim more 50’s at the 200 pace with the intent of getting more correct repetitions in at a slightly slower velocity. It’s very likely that the bicep and forearm are weak (brachioradialis, Brachialis) due to years of pulling using a path of less resistance (low elbow). Maybe attempting to improve this component is too tough at the 100 pace. Maybe completely cut out sprinting for a while. I’m sure you showed them the video so film again in a month and compare and let the girls see if they are improving. This puts a little more responsibility on them to focus on the more demanding motion. I see this all the time with water polo players because the common coaching error is to tell players to take short fast strokes which ends up deteriorating the stroke distance over time.