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I would agree. I can also defend it to a certain extent. Our best two female 4IMers only swam that race 4 times each last year. All at invitational formats which allowed them to space out their primary events; distance free and 100/200 backstrokes a little better. In a dual meet format that’s a little rough at times, especially when they have relays added in.

The agreement part. It is “mind-blowing” that coaches don’t figure out the weak stroke or don’t know how and then have no plan to address that other than swim n x 200/400IMs in practice thinking that pure volume will somehow magically drive them over the weakness.

Any IM recruit coming here we’ll present a detailed plan of how they swim the race, plus any stroke they swim (use the top 3 women at NCAAs as race model) It’s based on their average % of each split compared to total time (Aussies’ give me the idea). So, say we have a recruit in and they spend 30.44% of their 4IM swimming breaststroke we know that’s the weak stroke and we will structure their training with that in mind. The funny part is all I need is their time (love SWIMS database) and EXCEL will do the rest. One time and it gives me paces for all training sets we do. You should see the look on their face when I present this. The tricky part is making sure that you give them enough expose to each set to create improvement. That ain’t easy. But can be done.

The % is done for each stroke men and women as there are some differences. I’ve used this for about 15+ years now and just updated it last year. Truthfully, there was very little change in the race model. I probably could have gone another 15+ and been just fine.

Just food for thought or now you’re really confused 🙂


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