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I’ll chime in here,
Tritonwear has really trick metrics. Won’t argue that. You can get different metrics for your needs at different price points. The top of the line with all the things you’d need is $40/month/swimmer. Too expensive. I will say again, it’s trick. It also involves some set-up every day and if you are renting a pool that can get tiresome and you’d need a safe place to store it.

Another product you might what to look in to is Firebelly. I got the owner/software designer to add turn times to the app. We have been using it with the distance kids for about a year now and the feedback is positive. It will actually talk to them (guys say it’s like listening to their girl friend, not sure that’s a positive :). It’ll tell them splits, cycles, tempo and now turn time. I’ve found that to be information overload. We stick to just 2 metrics for now and that’s working well. It’s in the $229/unit range and all the updates are free and you just download to your phone from Google or Apps stores. Working on the download from the app to EXCEL to get it a little more functional for coaches.

Worth looking in to.


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