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Correct. Glycogen will probably be used during sprints, especially if you get into the 20-25 yard distance. But, it shouldn’t be depleted to the extent hard volume swimming or weight lifting depletes storage. It’s good to understand that once you start using local muscular glycogen (probably after 4-6 seconds of sprint surface swimming) it’s not regenerating much until the workout is over.

The glycogen sparing mechanism in USRPT is the time standard. Maintain the target pace time and, when you fall out of a small error window, stop and take a break. Holding 35s then falling back to 39-40s and continuing to swim to “make the set” is where the glycogen depletion happens. For the sprints, the standard is no slower than .3 seconds of daily best time. Trying to “sprint” during local muscular fatigue burns up the local glycogen storage. Glycogen stored in one muscle can’t transfer to another; only liver glycogen can re-enter the bloodstream.