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This get’s a little tricky with distance swimmers. But instead of lowering your expectations to increase your chances of success. Why not reduce the distance to 150s and hold the same velocity of the 200s? More at race speed.
Very generic set. Repeat #s are just SWAGs.
8 x 200 @ target pace after fail move to
4-6 x 150s @ target pace after fail maybe move to
6-8 x 100s again @ TP.

Couple days later reverse the set and start with 100s and see how far you can carry the speed. Stay with 20-30 rest. Remember it’s the pace you’re after and the volume covered at THAT pace.

Use this with D1 distance kids and it works well. I use 2x distance swum as marker i.e. swim 500 have to be able to hold 500 pace for 1000 or 1000/1650 swimmer has to be able to hold pace for 2000+. Not straight, but volume at pace. This is very glycogen depleting and you have to be careful in planning and sequences or you’ll end up riding a donkey.

Just thoughts

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