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Hi there, I have a stupid question
in these set you posted that i pasted below, are you doing 25s on the 2:00 interval where it says “Nx25@2:00”. seems like a lot of rest but wanted to clarify
Nx25@2:00 – goal time in half

100s –
Nx25@2:00 – 1st 50 time in half
Nx25@1:00 – 2nd 50 time in half
Nx50@2:00 – 2nd 50 time

Nx50@2:00 – 1st 50 time
Nx25@0:30 – 2->8th 25 me
Nx50@1:00 – 2->4th 50 Time
Nx75@1:30 – End of race
Nx100@2:00 – End of race