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The fact that you bought the technique manual means you’re on the right path. Most of the shorter papers are ideas and concepts from the manual so don’t worry too much about diving into the rest of them for now. Probably the next thing you can do is start watching the “how champions do it” videos. Rushall breaks down each part of each stroke for various swimmers.

1. I do 2-3 sets per session, 3 times a week. It’s really whatever you have time for. Focus on your core stroke and distance then add things as you get in shape. I used to do sprints first and then longer stuff but for the last year I’ve changed it to sprinting last. 50’s @200 pace then 25’s @100 then 20’s @50 is a typical session progression.

2. Correct. Add a second for turns. You can always lower the target time next session if you do great.

3. I prefer to swim 100 and 50 free. When i get back into season I always need to swim 50’s at 200 pace for 2 reasons: Longer work sessions (better VO2max adaptation) and more stroke reps focusing on a part of the technique. Try adding more rest for a few sessions, 30 seconds of rest is still tiring when you are getting back in shape. Hold your target for a couple weeks and lower the rest to 25 then 20 then 15. I didn’t do any sprints the first 2 weeks this year because I wanted to get a lot of technical work in before I started sprinting. Now I swim 50’s every other session and swim 25’s (either 100 free or fly pace) every session.

4. Looks fine. For breaststroke and fly maybe try this method:

5. Add stuff when you feel like adding. Fly will help with the initiation and power phase of the breaststroke pull. Maybe do some free sets on days your legs get tired from breaststroke kick. The other strokes are very arm-heavy but Breast is balanced arms and legs.

6. Higher volume of reps or lowering rest. If you’re doing 25’s on a :30 you can lower the interval to a :25 for a few sessions then lower your target and go back to a :35 interval and work back down.

7. No need to be strict. Sometimes you need to get more technical volume in and just need some more rest. Sometimes, if I have a nice hard first set I’ll do my second set with 5-10 seconds more rest. Because I know the first set was pretty stressful and I want to get quality volume in. If you are getting ready for a competition then focus on strict rest intervals and lowering them to stress your respiratory system.