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Thank you Ryanupper for this info.
Thanks Marlin, Story of Steve really inspairs. and good to know that you also doing USRPT and competing at this age, where I live (Israrl) there are not many, maybe only me.
Yes breaststroke technique is the most complicated in my opinion and happened many times when I was trying to go faster and put more effort but only got slower. With time I’ve learned to pay attention to technical details and not to rush the stroke.

After today’s traing. I did 50s and 25s for the 200. Im thinking to stop with the 200 and train only the 50 and the 100 race.
First, I dont really like the 200 and second more important, when I do a slower than 100 pace it feels like the technique is not the same and strugling holding times. Maybe because I engage less muscles or somthing. Or maybe should I swim the 200 at 100 pace.

So maybe it will be more efficient for me only to train the 50 and 100 paces.

Another thing, I read a bit about drop dead sprinters and I started to think maybe Im a one. I was always pretty good at sprints and at traditional workouts always slower then everyone else, probably had no energy and slow fibers for those slow long swims. Also my muscles are bigger then others, idk if its relates.

Anyway Idk if it my shape now but I think that 1 or 2 sets for a session is really enough if do my best.
At least for now.

Im thinking about doing one day a 100pace 1 / 2 sets and other day do the sprint USRPT for 50pace. Or 2 days 100 and one 50.