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Hi pault1607,

Have you read the USRPT step by step guide? (

From what I remember, when training the 100m the main sets has to be done on 25’s and reraly 50’s
for example 30×25 and 20×50, but I think if you just start it can be less – 20×25 per set maybe enough.

I’m assuming that it will be better for him to be able to do, say 20 reps at 13.5, than 40 at 14.0? yes its better, because the closer the time to the race pace time the better.

But remember that the main emphasis should not be on the number of reps but on failing. after 3 failures or 2 consecutive failures the set is over. So if he accomplished 40 reps without failing that not considered a good USRPT set.

But if for example he did 8 reps until first failure (the rest after a failure should be longer then the 15 sec rest between reps, like..40-60 sec ) then another 6 until another failure and then another 4.. in total 8 + 6 + 4 = 18 reps with race pace time. That’s a good set even though that was only 18 and not 30.
You can stick with the same time until he can do 30 reps (with 1 or 2 non consecutive failure is ok) before you drop the target time.

In addition it maybe good for him to work on sprint USRPT for training the 50m free which is also beneficial for the 100m , you can read about it here:

You will see that his 25 time will reduce drastically after doing sprints of 15/25 all out with full recovery for the whole session until time failure.

Also be aware that drop in time mainly comes from technique improvement and not from conditioning, I don’t know what is your level of understanding of swimming technique and particular freestyle, but I would suggest you and also your son (it is very important that the swimmer will have a good understanding of all technique aspects) read and understand all the technique details and how to work on them (technique micro-cycles).