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Thanks Gary.

A quick update. We had a bad week last week – he had exams and a bit of stress plus might have been fighting off a bit of a virus. Mid week last week he did 19 reps @ 13.8 with two fails but was only just making it. We stopped there because he wanted to do some front end speed too.

This week he feels better. Tonight he went 21 reps @ 13.8 with only 1 fail. We had 3 others in the lane who were trying the set so were limited on time so I then asked them to go all out for 3 reps – he went 12.9, 12.7, 12.6. We then stopped so I don’t know how many more he might have been able to do.

He’s very much used to managing his effort having trained “traditionally” for years i.e. he manages his effort to complete the set. So another question, given that he can throw in 3 sub 13s after 21 reps @ 13.8 – should he actually be training faster i.e. would he be better dropping his target substantially even if he could only complete less than 12 reps initially? Or should I ask him to start a set and say OK every rep all out and see how many he can do at what sort of pace before he drops off, and then use that as a target?

He’s got his first meet this weekend after a month of this. I’ll post how he gets on. We are both intrigued to see how this translates to actual performance.