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Performance Update!
Son swam at the weekend. He did a small PB 54.6 – was really pleased with his swim. He said he still didn’t feel as good as he did a couple of weeks ago (health-wise) but swam well. Last went this quick over a year ago.
So, certainly enough for us to keep going with this. He’s now been doing USRPT for about 6 weeks – since mid April and has only done 3 or 4 sessions a week. Each 1 hour max which usually gives us time for only one set. He’s done mostly 25s, with some “50s” sets to 15 and 25 rested, plus one set of 50s at 200 race pace.

He’s now going to race again in July and wants to work to reducing his target time and do a few more 50s sets to build his back end.

So far so good….