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Compromise with him, and give him a little more rest so he can do more reps at the faster pace. How would he do at 13.25 if you set the interval at 35 instead of 30? If he can’t do many reps at that, then try 40 seconds.

In my (admittedly limited, sample size of 1) experience, “specificity” overrides all other factors. When in doubt, swim faster and adjust the other variables to accommodate.

Thanks Gary – I’ll try that “extra rest” compromise with him. We’ve done a few 50m sets at 200 pace. He’s not swum a 200 for over a year so really struggled with only 20s rest. On Saturday, because he’d done a good 25s set on Friday, we did some 50s but I gave him 30s rest. I guess this is sub-optimal but he ended up doing 12 reps to first fail. He worked really hard. I’m not sure he’s ever swum 600m so fast in training before – ever.

I guess it’s just a different type of improvement strategy – big step in the target time and see the improvement in the reduction of rest periods vs small steps at the same rest and see the improvements in the increased number of reps.