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Thank you very much for your reply! After your answer, I check the links and I’m on my way to buy technique manual!

After this, I positively believe and trust in the usrpt, just because every day makes more sense to me.

Since I started coaching I never race again, I believe if I going to be a coach so I need to focus on my team full time. I always swimming as a preparation for surfing and I made my life on surfing as a competitor, big wave surfer and surf guide. Swimming competitions was a preparation for surfing at high performance. Then I start racing in open waters and well here I’m now.

After getting touched by USRPT I decide to go back to open water races to test the method and learn during the process, I’m just in the beginning and trying to back in shape for races on a smooth way! I don’t have any date and so far I’m in the pool every day it’s not hard to find some time to jump in the water and put my time on this!

The process is super fun and challenging to do it!
I still have some doubts but I think with this technique manual, things will be much more clear!
Thank you so much for the links and your comments!

Right now I’m doing:
warmup: 10×50(25underwater dolphin kick/25 freestyle progressive) with fins
my first desire time for 1,5k is 21min (actual best time in CR for ocean races)
so I set it for 25@20″ with 15″ rest.
so my sets are:
3 of 40×25 on 20″ with 15″rest
my first failure is around 34 attempt
I do some dolphin kick underwater and easy backstroke and go for the second set

I’ve been doing this for 2 weeks and after the first week to adapt I’m feeling just great!

What do you think? thank you very much for your comments!

My best regards,

Pura vida!