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Performance update.
First meet of the season last week. He swam 50 and 100 free and 50 and 100 fly (SCM). PB’d on 3 of 4 (only non-PB was his 50 free – last race of the meet on Sunday afternoon after a long weekend).
100 free was 53.2 a half second improvement. We’re now on a target time of 13.5 and his last two sets his average time was about 13.3 (13.3 x 4 = 53.2!!!).
We’ve also been doing some fly sets. He went 58.7. He’s been training 14.8 TT sets so that’s pretty close too.
Still good enough for “proof of concept” for us, especially since he’s only doing a total of 3.5 hrs training a week due to his work and college commitments and the pool time we have. He also had a holiday and missed nearly two weeks of training mid August. So not too bad overall.
What we did conclude though is that he is still lacking back end endurance. The limiting factor is still his last 25. Plan is to try to fit a few more reps of 50m and work on reducing his TT and number of reps more.
He’s ready to go again.