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Forgive me if I’m stating the obvious, but is he having a very short warm-up immediately (10-15 mins) before he races? The guidance for race pace sets is that you are getting everything (heart rate, respiration etc) up to speed on the first 5 or 6 repeats. Training with USRPT has made a portion of the fast twitch fibres oxidative but if you try to swim fast immediately then you’re unable to deliver oxygen to the fibres quickly enough so they will perform anaerobically. Part way through the race the oxygen delivery will get up to speed but by then the damage is done and you suffer at the back end. I’ve found that swimming an easy 100 followed by 4×25 at race pace with about 15 seconds rest, 10-15 mins before the race works well. It also helps to get your body locked into the effort and pace that is expected in the race. If he doesn’t already do this it’s worth a try at meets that have the facilities. It works for me.

Thanks. That has bothered me a little I’m not convinced he is “ready” to go fast straight away. In training he often delivers his best reps from #5-10 after his systems are up to speed. I’ve suggested a late warm-up as you suggest and his response has been that it’s hard to replicate that pre-race adrenaline feeling. But I what you are talking about is different. I guess it’s about getting the energy systems “switched on” prior to a race. I’ll raise it again with him. Thanks