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I agree with your points. Aside for this forum, I’m missing a way to communicate with other coaches and be able to evaluate their level or the level of their swimmers. It’s one thing to get advice from other coaches, but their level of expertise and level of swimmers adds weight to their advice.

I’ve been sending some questions to Peter and Tina (through USRPTIA) but never got any answers 🙁

I’m for example very interested how Michaels training evolved over the years. which lessons have they learned over the years? What do his current microcycles look like?

Here some of the questions I sent:

Season planning / periodisation
In traditional training you typically control weekly volume and intensities throughout the season in macro, meso, micro cycles. With USRPT this is different. In essence sets are always Nx25 and Nx50, etc. at pace. However, I notice (as my swimmers get older) they have difficulties getting up and running in the beginning of the season. Making no or a very low number of reps at their pace.

My question is: how do Peter and Michael manage this? Do you always prioritise speed/pace over numbers of reps made? Or do you start of on a slower pace, build volume and only then go back to actual race pace (pace variable, rest constant, build volume)? Or alternatively, do you take more rest in between reps to build volume and afterwards decrease rest (pace constant, rest variable, build volume).

See also this discussion on the USRPT forums:

I think Peter records the results for each set of Michael. I’m interested in how this data correlates to his actual race results. Do you do anything with this? Can you see trends when comparing the training data with races? And can you see evolution in his sets over the years?

I’m still unsure on the best way to peak for a big meet. I’ve tried 2 weeks of unloading, 1 week, 3-4 days. I often find myself wondering wether we do too little in the week(s) building up to a big meet? How does Michael tackle this? Would it be possible to give a concrete example, for example, which sets and results did he do in the 2 weeks prior to the trials?

Recently I bought “the non-traditional lore of swimming course”. Are there any updates on when the psychology and nutrition parts will follow? I’m looking forward to this!