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I had a meet this weekend. I was sick, (still am,) overtired, unshaved, and wearing a normal suit. I guess I was kinda still tapered from the meet I had the week before that, but not really. It was prelims on Sat, finals on Sun.
P 100 FL: 1.00.75
F 100 FL: 1.00.62
P 100 BK: 1.03.26
F 100 BK: 1.01.87
P 50 FR: 24.88
F 50 FR: 25.08

Here are my swims from the previous weekend. I was suited, shaved, and tapered. It was 100 FR on Sat, 50 & BK on Sun.
100 FR: 52.82
50 FR: 23.72
11.3/12.5 guestimate from the video
100 BK: 58.54

When I race, I take off a few DKs, otherwise I would be over the 15m. Here they are by race, by ~
50 FR: 13,10.
100 FR: 13,10,8,8.
100 BK: 14,13,13,13.
100 FL: 13,10,8,8.

How do I know when my DKs are hurting me more than helping me? I know more is better in BK because my stroke is bad, but it’s hard to tell for FR and FL. Also, what do you think of my splits from the first (faster) meet? Am I too slow out? Add too much on the way back?