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Hi Liv!

Agree with Doc. Doc, I’m looking at her underwater kicks in the 100 FR and FL – I would rather see a change of maybe 2 kicks from first to last underwater. Change of 5 probably means she’s over-kicking the first lap and/or not maintaining her underwater speed the last 2 laps. What is your experience in this?

We almost always do N x 50’s first before we work down to sprint speeds. Respiratory fatigue is easier to recover from (breathing and heart muscle; 5-15 minutes) than peripheral fatigue (pulling muscle during sprints; 12-48 hours).

Your underwaters are only helping you IF you’re getting faster to the flags/half/15 marker. And if you’re getting faster with fewer kicks. Just like surface swimming. It’s a balance; if you feel like you’re breaching the surface and the first pull is hard then you’re coming up at a slower speed. Just a thought, hard to completely know from the write-up.

MA demonstrating the short radius turn. He’s turning at about .8 seconds

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