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Ok. One big thing: You’re asking a lot of questions, which is good, but I don’t want you to try to make a whole bunch of adjustments all at once. Pick 1-2 concepts for the next month. Don’t think about the underwater kick as getting to the 15m mark; think about the kick as hitting the surface at a high speed, no matter where that occurs.

With that said, I’m going to break down the underwater race:
1. push off the wall about 18 inches below the surface.
2. streamline downward at 25-30 degrees for a full 1000-1 count (attack angle) before kicking. You may be 3-3.5 feet deep after this segment.
3. perform a DK to alter your attack angle to 30-40 degrees upward.
4. kick to the surface.

DKs are performed by:
1. rapid downward, knee extension with feet at hip width, toes about 6-10 inches apart.
2. initiate kicks from the hips.
3. upper body should be as motionless as possible.
4. hands should lead the breakout and be used to adjust the “attack angle”. Point your fingers where you want to go.

It seems like you really emphasize the underwater kick so work on this for a few weeks and get back to us. I usually do 8-10 25’s underwaters past half with a smooth breakout in my warmup. Moderate swim to the wall on a :40. Focus on kicking downward hard. Make sure your first pull doesn’t have any water on top of the arm when the arm begins recovery. If you feel water on the elbow then you are too low.

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