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We shouldn’t look at patterns. It’s an expenditure:time ratio.

The reason you can take 1 breath in the 50 is that it’s short. When you get to the 100, you’re running into an issue with expelling CO2 that finally reached the lungs. It takes 20-25 seconds for blood from the working muscle to return to the lungs. It’s fine to breathe every 4 until you need to breathe every 2. In the 2nd 50 of the 100 there will be a lot of CO2 entering the bloodstream and returning to the lungs. You’re working at a rate above VO2max. In a USRPT set, this is expanded out because of the intervals.

The slower the event, the less CO2 enters the bloodstream every second. It’s easier to maintain a breathing patterning for the 500-1650.

I always breathe to the right. I can maintain a 4 breath pattern for a while. Breathing during the end of a tough USPRT set is a great excuse to work on your head rotation and reduce drag.

Also, if you hold your underwaters longer in the 2nd and 3rd turn then CO2 will accumulate until you surface for a breathe.

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