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Thank you both for your input, sorry for the delayed response.
I’ve been messing around with this in practice for a few weeks now, and have found out a few things.

1. Like Gary, every 4 is fastest for me, but i completely die after a couple of 25s on a min.
2. Breathing every stroke is slightly slower, but my legs can hold on through an entire set.
3. Every 3 feels the most balanced and smooth, but I have to deal with my weaker left arm and I still die early on.

I haven’t tried the 4-2 combo yet, I wanted to have a couple of weeks just to test 4, 3, and 2 by themselves.
When I train with using every 4 or 2, I alternate L & R by 50, to try and save my shoulders.

Ryanupper, do you believe there is a difference between SCY and LCM breathing wise? I’m underwater much more in SC, is it possible that one needs to breathe more often in order to make up for having less strokes? Or maybe it’s the opposite because 100 LCM is a great deal longer than 100 SCY.

I’ll keep messing around with it, eventually something will stick 🙂