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Probably not much of a difference in the 50. Take a breath out of the SCY turn and you should be good getting home. For LCM take 1 breath before halfway then 1 before the flags.

For LCM 100, 4 strokes per breath should be doable the whole race because the stroke rate is higher, thus less time per cycle. For SCY 100 you probably should breathe in and out of every turn if you are stretching the underwaters then maintain a 4 stroke per breath pattern.

The 200 is a little tricky due to the CO2 buildup. The last 25-50 will probably require a 2 stroke cycle.

For every stroke, the breathing rate is somewhat dependent on the stroke rate. Simone has a low stroke rate versus others so if she takes 2 strokes per breath at times it doesn’t exactly mean the same as someone with a higher stroke rate. Same goes for fly. Phelps breathed every stroke but had a huge distance per stroke.