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I’m not sure if what I do is “real” dynamic stretching, it’s mostly just a lot of swinging my limbs around. Whatever it is, I always feel better after I do it.

I always do the legs first, right after I get my cap and goggles situated.
10x Swings, first R leg forward and back, then L, then R leg going right to left, then L leg left to right, 40 swings total.
While standing on one leg, I do some ankle rolls, clockwise then counter clockwise.
Finally, also while on one leg, I’ll hold the other leg out in front of me at a 90 degree ankle, with the knee also bent at 90 degrees, and then kick the lower half of my leg back, as if trying to kick the back of my thigh. I do this 4 times per leg. This helps loosen up my always tight thighs.

8x Michael Phelps swings
4x Backstroke arms, 4 R, 4 L, then 4 double.
8x swings where I start with my arm by my side, then I bring it straight up and then bend at the elbow to bring my hand down to touch my opposite shoulder.
4 more MP swings, and then I get in for warmup, which is~

100 FR cruise, 4×25 IM order Hard, 3×25 with a 8 stroke sprint breakout, 1×25 easy, then 2 starts, not with any dolphin kicks or anything, just getting off the block and gliding.