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Hi Michael.

Im Nora. Im a mother and an assistant coach for a local swim team here in Malaysia.

My Head Coach are using this USRPT method 1st time experiment to my 9 years old son.

We saw the outcome of his training ever since he started being introduced to it.

This is actually his 1st year as a swimmer. Last year he only entered 1 meet (a short course meet) as an exposure for him so he could see the big picture he’s going to be in every meet this year.

Truth be told he was at the ranking of 40 out of hundreds swimmers last year.

This year as my HC used the USRPT to him, he’s ranking now is in placing 7th out of the hundreds.

I was searching high and low for the course. Do they do any USRPT courses online or anywhere?

Any ideas? Coz i wanted to take the course myself.

Regards and thanks