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Thanks Ryan, I actually have been monitoring stroke count with her for a while, because that was the first thing I identified as an avenue to improve the backend. It’s been something she has been working on for a while (about 6 months), but she has cut ~2 strokes per 25m, and is swimming fractionally slower times.

She just gets frustrated with slower times, which I absolutely understand, but eventually I explained it as a limiting factor to your speed (ie. you can only increase your stroke rate so much) and she got it from that perspective, when she hadn’t really gotten it from an efficiency perspective.

Interesting thought regarding drag suits, I used to train in one of the dolfin ones 100% of the time as a kid, but I’ve more or less stayed away from equipment entirely outside of using kkckboards with my 8 and under kids while teaching basic stroke mechanics. Based on what I have read as well as a desire to minimise costs for parents (lets face it, swimming is expensive enough already).

Have you found the increased resistance effect technique in any way? I suppose it is probably a small enough difference that it doesn’t change technique/body position? And definitely the more basic one that is just the mesh outer liner as opposed to the type with the pockets?